Aminoguanidine Bicarbonate

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Product name: Aminoguanidine Carbonate; Aminoguanidine hydrogen carbonate

Molecular Weight: 136.11
Melting Point: 166 degrees
Molecular Formula: CH6N4H2CO3
Structural Formula:                    



Uses: mainly used for industrial dye used for the preparation of 3 – amino-5 – carboxy-12.4-triazole and cation red 2BL, X-GRL synthesis for synthetic drugs Trapidil, propionamidine hydrazone; pesticides, whistle furosemide ene hydrazone and so on. Color film also synthetic materials, plastics blowing agent and the primary explosive special Quirrell rate.

Index Name

Index Value


 white or slightly red crystalline powder


≥ 99 %

≥ 99.5 %

Insoluble Substances

≤ 0.03 %

≤ 0.02 %


≤ 0.2 %

≤ 0.15 %

Ignition Residue

≤ 0.07 %

≤ 0.03 %


≤ 0.01 %

≤ 0.006 %


≤ 8 PPm

≤ 5PPm


≤ 0.007 %

≤ 0.005 %

synthetic method

It is made from lime nitrogen, hydrazine hydrate, ammonium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate. Add distilled water to lime nitrogen, keep it at 45-50 for 6h, filter the waste residue to get cyanamide (calcium) solution, then add dilute sulfuric acid to cyanamide (calcium) solution to pH = 6-7, cool it to room temperature, filter the calcium sulfate to get cyanamide solution, then add 5% hydrazine hydrate to cyanamide solution, keep it at 50 for 4h, then add ammonium bicarbonate, place it, precipitate and crystallize, filter it to dry to be amino acid Guanidine bicarbonate crude product, add acetic acid to dissolve the crude product, add oxalic acid, filter the calcium oxalate, adjust the solution to pH = 8 ~ 9 with ammonia water, add a little disodium EDTA, filter it clear, add filtered ammonium bicarbonate solution, place, crystallize, filter it dry, wash it with distilled water and ethanol respectively, and filter it dry to get the finished product.




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