Chemical properties of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde

P-hydroxybenzaldehyde has been successfully used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other fields, and its application range is still expanding. If you want to give full play to its performance, then its chemical properties must be mastered. For example, the following points need attention.

1. P-hydroxybenzaldehyde is aromatic, which makes it a variety of spices or food seasonings. With this product, the fragrance will be stronger.

2. It is not easy to decompose. It will sublime under normal pressure but will not decompose and will not emit in water vapor. So its performance is relatively stable.

3. Because of this, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde will be widely used.

Application of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde

These are the chemical properties of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde. If you need them, you can find a professional manufacturer to purchase them.

P-hydroxybenzaldehyde is a kind of chemical substance, which plays an outstanding role in many fields, such as often used to make the following substances.

1. Fungicide and herbicide

This is mainly because p-hydroxybenzaldehyde has the function of killing bacteria, so it can kill bacteria or weeds quickly when it is used to produce bactericide or herbicide.

2. Vanillin

It's a kind of perfume, because p-hydroxybenzaldehyde has special fragrance, so it's very suitable for making perfume. It can also be used as a component of food flavors and seasonings.

3. Eugenol

This is an antibacterial drug, the demand in China is very large, which is also the embodiment of the medicinal value of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde.

In addition to the above points, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde can also be produced into anisaldehyde and other substances, it can be said that its application range is very wide.

Post time: Aug-08-2020